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Certified reviews from some of our patients.

Dr. Fleming is always the best. I have known him for years. Price wise he is way under the market and is the most honest dentist I have ever met. Not only from my visits but anyone in his industry I meet always speaks the world of him. Nice to know you found a gem.

– Joe D. | La Jolla, CA | 12/30/2013

I went in for a root canal today and it was so painless and quick! The staff and Dr Fleming are all very friendly and knowledgable as well.

– Amy B. | San Diego, CA | 11/20/2013

One of the most pleasant Dental experiences I have had. Dr. Fleming’s demeanor puts you at ease and his explanatory approach to the procedures was unlike any dentist I encountered before. The staff is very caring and interested in your ailments. The procedures quick and comforting, as most of us hate to go to the dentist.. The strait forward dentist office doesnt have much for bells and whistles, but the excellent service makes up for it, and thats what its all about.

– Khristopher T. | San Diego, CA | 08/01/2012

Their whole team is amazing! It was actually a fun cleaning. I loved how he explained everything as he did it. Most importantly my husband had a procedure done that insurance came back and said wasn’t necessary so they weren’t going to pay for it. Instead of billing us and making us deal with insurance they fought for us until it was taken care of! They even called to check on him after procedure. They really care!! Best dentist I’ve ever dealt with!!

Laura T. | San Diego, CA | 11/14/2013

I hate dentists with a passion rivaled only by my hatred of bad drivers. I’ve had horrible after terrible after nightmare experiences with them, and after finally biting the bullet and finding a local dentist, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Fleming.

First of all, this man easily puts you at ease, and the horrified look of terror on my face doesn’t stay on my face the whole visit. He’s very nice, informative about what’s going on in your mouth, and thorough.

This place doesn’t have much ambiance, no TV’s or distractions and is pretty straight forward dentist, but this remains the most *choke* pleasurable dentists visits I’ve ever had.

– Starlight M. | San Diego, CA | 01/01/2010

I, like most people, have never been a fan of visiting the dentist. I used to view it as a necessary evil, if the pain got bad enough I’d go. Luckily I found Dr. Flemming. I now have my teeth cleaned every three months and gladly make my annual check-ups. He is caring, understanding of my ridiculous dentist phobia and hyperactive gag reflexes, I am never left waiting, he listens, and his staff is awesome!!! I love my dentist. I recommend Dr. Lee Flemming without hesitation.

FYI: Remember to floss every day folks – seriously, if you do, you won’t need your dentist to drill the rot out of your teeth.

– Jeniffer T. | San Diego, CA | 05/05/2010

Love this office! Dr. Fleming and his awesome hygienists have the best bedside manner, setting you at ease, explaining procedures and checking in on your comfort the entire time. There is no judgement and they are gentle with your teeth and your emotions. They did not try to sell me on extra procedures. I felt like they were truly looking out for my best interest – like I could trust them. My husband is even switching dentists on my recommendation.

– Rebecca B. | San Diego, CA | 01/08/2013

This place was great. Probably one of the best experiences I have had going to the dentist. Great staff and they were HONEST. It is very hard to find an honest dentist these days. They did not feed me a bunch of BS as others have done. I am glad to have finally found my dentist. I will only be going back to this place!

– Ryan D. | San Diego, CA | 04/20/2012

I had several teeth with fillings that were discoloring, and Dr. Fleming suggested crowns to replace the filled teeth. I ended up with 6 new ‘teeth’ that are beautiful!! The process was painless, done in 2 visits, and I’m am thrilled!!

– Christy W. | San Diego, CA | 05/30/2013

One of the easiest experiences I have ever had going to a dentist. Clean and polish and out the door, just what I was looking for.

– Patrick T. | Sunnyvale, CA | 03/14/2012

Okay, so I went back to get my permanent crowns and my long anticipated pretty smile. This procedure is not for the weak, the front teeth hurt waaaay more, BUT I have to say I still looove these people! I cried, not ashamed to admit that 😉 The difference at this office is, they care if you hurt or cry. They were so kind, went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and kept being positive without being condescending . Doc gave me another shot, which I didn’t feel, and Olga kept telling me it’s okay, it’s almost over….. I like to hear that in the dentist chair ;). My teeth look amazing!! Forget all those fancy zillion dollar dentists that promise you the world in cosmetic dentistry, this is a one stop shop! Dr Flemming will fill a cavity, clean your teeth, do routine checkups AND do amazing cosmetic fixes. They are so trustworthy, Olga is very kind, honest and upfront, Doc Flemming is a master who is caring and funny and Wanda is awesomely quirky and truly cares about your finances and schedule. I have soooo much more work to have done on my teeth and I won’t go anywhere else!

– Christina C. | San Diego, CA | 01/16/2011

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